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blah so bored. almost time to leave for concert. I don't feel like going. oh well. x_o hmmm finals are cominggggg. yay more cramming. lol. school ends next week. yay for summer. bleh no ones on. no one to talk to. crap. I have summer school. more viola playing for me. yay. not. oh well. not that bad. I can last 2 weeks of bossy instructors. I think. o-o shit. shit. shit.

Angry eyes

What kind of anime eyes do you have? (picture results)
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still bored. blah. that sucks e-e I draw all my people with eyes like that too. Is Yoko secretly a bitchy person? o.O;; pfft. oh well. -searches for hentai- okay c ya. Bye Bye.
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