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[15 Jul 2003|01:44pm]
He doesn't hate me.
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...... [09 Jul 2003|03:24pm]
I feel like crap. Again. And again. Day in. And day out.

Evil. Evil colo.

how yoko spent her free time... [04 Jul 2003|02:01pm]
[ mood | creative ]



mrew I burnt 4 hrs last night over this :3
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quiz [29 Jun 2003|02:54pm]
You represent... kindness.
You represent... kindness.
You're a very gentle, kind, and caring individual.
You truely care about people and are generally
well-liked. Though sometimes you may be
perceived as weak, you truely have a strong
heart and a good desire to help others.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

My personality is rated 29.
What is yours?
quiz by midgetfarm.com

Your score is
what does that mean?
Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.
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quizzie [26 Jun 2003|10:26pm]
[ mood | awake ]

·•¤ What is YOUR element? ¤•·
·•¤ What is YOUR element? ¤•·

Your element is Wind! Although you may be shy at times, you are amazingly kind and thoughtful. You follow your heart and you find your way through tough times easily with your wisdom. You show real spirit but you should speak up more now and then.
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...Interesting... [26 Jun 2003|10:53am]
[ mood | amused ]

Happy Deathday!
Your name:silentyuni77
You will die on:Saturday, November 17, 2035
You will die of:Gunshot
Created by Quill

If I do die from a gunshot, let it be from protecting someone I care about.
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-_-; [09 Jun 2003|06:27pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Gone for long time. Might not be back. Hell I don't to come back. Ever. Bye.

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»[.W.0.0.T.!.]« [04 Jun 2003|04:44pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

W00T I'm finally done with this new layout ;_; -tear- My 4+ hours of hard work have finally paid off! :D The color scheme looks a bit gloomy, but I could care less since I love these shades! ^-^ Now all I need is a suitable icon ^^

If anyone would like me to help them with his/her LJ look, I'd be happy to do so <3


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::Info:: [29 May 2003|07:35pm]
[ mood | drained ]

~Have you ever~
Fallen for your best friend? no
Been rejected? yes
Been in love? mhm..
Used someone? never have, never will
Been used? yes
Cheated on someone? no
Been cheated on? yes
Done something you regret? yes

~Who was the last person~
You talked to on the phone: Miha, Kersela, Forest
You instant messaged? Rinny
Who broke your heart? I don't wanna talk about that...>_>;

~Do you~
Colour your hair? yes
Have tattoos? yes one
Have Piercings? yes
Own a web cam? no
Ever get off the damn computer? no ;P
Habla espanol? ...I'm Asian so no ^^;

~Have you/do you/do you have~
Considered a life of crime? no.
Considered being a hooker? no.
Are you psycho? no.
Split personalities? yes, in a way...>_>
Obsessive? yes X3
Panic? not often
Depressed? mhmm..-sigh- -_-
Suicidal? umm...don't wanna talk about that

If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Canada
What would you be doing? Looking for my Mitch :3
What are you listening to? my sister play the piano. She's so cute ;P
Chicken or fish? FISH! -PurrR, meow- =3

Current Clothes: Dark blue tank top a faded shorts
Current Mood: pretty shitty. There's alot on my mind. I need a huggle & snuzzle. ;_;
Current Music: Mozart's Evening Waltz I think
Current Taste: peppermint cake o_o
Current Hair: down an I let it grow <_>
Current Annoyance: everything....where to begin..osiefsdoghsodgodghdosgoei7409734545hh! -_-;;;
Current Favorite Celebrity: maybe Aya Ueto & BoA

Food: Asian Chicken w/Fried Rice & Wonton Soup
Drink: kiwi fruitopia
Colour: blue
Shoes: light brown sketchers sandals
Movie: Angel Sanctuary
Vegetable: steamed broccoli (it's the truth!)
Fruit: strawberries

~Are you~
Understanding: more than average
Insecure: kinda
Interesting: i guess, i don't know, i think i'm boring
Friendly: very
Smart: no da!
Moody: very
Childish: not really
Independent: sometimes
Emotionally Stable: sometimes my emotions get the best of me...
Shy: only around my friends' friends that i don't really know
Attractive: hell no. I'm fuggly ugly -.-;
Bored Easily: not really
Responsible: very, sometimes careless
Sad: yes, very. I'm crying right now. not alot. more like silent tears...

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YAY o_o; [29 May 2003|01:23pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]


Welcome to the Summer! ^_^ YAY POUR LE ETE!

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[27 May 2003|02:39pm]
Guys just love...your cheery dispostion!

What Do Guys Love About You? (with pics :3)
brought to you by Quizilla

Quiz! [25 May 2003|05:46pm]
[ mood | creative ]

You are most like Aya!

You are a very active person. You tend to get into
quarrels but you have many true friends.
You're special willingness to get along and
overcome make you an attractive person. You
have strong feelings towards Touyas and

One word to describe you:

Which Ayashi no Ceres Character Are You?(Now with Graphics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Um...I made this quiz. I know the answers. So it's not fairly accurate for me. Anyone else wanna give it a shot? <_>; lol

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Emotional Recovery -_-; [23 May 2003|05:05pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Notice:Over the past couple of weeks, personal things have been happening to me. Offline friends have been quarreling way too much. I'm stuck in the middle as always. Some of the nasty things they have been saying (and I don't mean cuss words) are getting on my nerves. I've been hurt one too many times, and I don't feel like talking to anyone about it(I basically hate talking about my problems, too much guilt from being a burden to others).

I need a recovery. So because of these certain people I will be online a lot less often then usual as of next week trying to figure out solutions even though both sides don't want to listen or care to listen. This means little to no Balamb Garden, on AIM but most chances not. So that leaves this and email. Not alot I know but at this time I could care less so cry me a fucking river. If I block the bickerers while online, I'll just make things worse, and that is the last thing I want to do. I am just fucking tired of arguements. Tired of rumors. And especially tired of going through the same awful pain day in and day out.

These stupid events are blocking me from studying for Tues. - Thurs. exams. I don't want to fail; I want to pass so I can finish high school and leave this Hell whole for college. I don't think this is any of my fault, in fact I'm pretty sure it isn't. I'm just doing this to save my emotional well-being. And theirs. I expect this to be over in at least 2 weeks since these guys are really at it.

Talk to you guys in who knows when. Abayo.

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boredom [19 May 2003|05:18pm]
[ mood | blah ]

blah so bored. almost time to leave for concert. I don't feel like going. oh well. x_o hmmm finals are cominggggg. yay more cramming. lol. school ends next week. yay for summer. bleh no ones on. no one to talk to. crap. I have summer school. more viola playing for me. yay. not. oh well. not that bad. I can last 2 weeks of bossy instructors. I think. o-o shit. shit. shit.

Angry eyes

What kind of anime eyes do you have? (picture results)
brought to you by Quizilla

still bored. blah. that sucks e-e I draw all my people with eyes like that too. Is Yoko secretly a bitchy person? o.O;; pfft. oh well. -searches for hentai- okay c ya. Bye Bye.

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Happy Birthday Mitch! ^_^! [14 May 2003|04:38pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Happy B-day Mitch! :D wheee I'm so happy ^_^ -hugs and kisses- <3 I hope you have a happy b-day ^^;
-hands cake and present even though it's late 1 day since I didn't know- =o

Yesh I know it's crappy >_
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quzzies! [11 May 2003|04:50pm]
[ mood | horny ]

You should be a Libra, Cosmopolitan, refined,
amiable, sociable, happy, generous, realistic,
charming, gracious, affectionate, balanced,
diplomatic, easy-going, elegant, charming,
flirtatious, committed, objective but can be
indecisive, emotionally complex, vague,
dependent, distant, argumentative, depressed,
exhausted, materialistic, superficial, self-
indulgent, easily-offended

~*What is your TRUE Zodica sign?*~
brought to you by Quizilla

It read me like a book! =o

your asshole.

What swear word are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

wow I'm an asshole o_o -rofl- ;3

sex appeal

(results contain pictures) What kind of ANIME BOOBS do you have?
brought to you by Quizilla

@_@; -no comment- e_e;;;lol

Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

aww ^^;

YOu see the world in Neutral
Harmony and balance is key. You don't look at the
world in a negative or positive way and you'll
never judge or assume a situation- you just
look at the facts. People like you are peaceful
and accepting.

What color do you see the world in?
brought to you by Quizilla

-yoga- <_>;

Moon Goddess
Goddess of the Moon. Beauty, yet a sadness lurks
about you at times. But hey, pain is beauty,

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

*-* so prettyyy

You're A Neko (Cat)!
Meow! You love acting like a cat, because you ARE
part cat! How did this come to be? I have no
idea! But yay for you! You're playful and
happy. You love being spoiled and pampered,
but you have a vicious side too.

What Type Of Anime Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Meoww. -puurrr- Rawwrr. ;3

happy family! (with hidden message!)
Only the most imporant people to me read my

Why do people read your Livejournal?
brought to you by Quizilla

Aww.... I feel so happy now -tear- :D

What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

I am not a type of music
You're nothing, really. But you're nice.

What type of music are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

decrou anta kureru ware son aijou?

I couldn't resist ;o [11 May 2003|08:21am]
[ mood | awake ]

Suicidal Bitch.   You are often alone. But sometimes you like it that way. It&apos;s your way of protecting yourself from gettin ghurt. STOP THAT! You are giving yourself unneeded pain and grief

You are a depressed child. You need some laughter
in your life. Why, you ask? Cause that frown
don't look good on you, hun!

(results contain pictures) What type of bitch are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well umm...o_o -suicidal 'n' shiz- wheee? x_x?

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Icons n stuff [10 May 2003|08:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Haven't updated in a while z_z; oh wait I have -looks down- I swear my eyes are giving away x_x; Anyway all I have ish this ugly new icon ::insert laughs from random people:: ._.; meep oh well. Haven't seen Sergey in a while. ;-; I miss him. -tear- ARGH AND I HAVE THIS STUPID MIGRAIN! -eats pills and curls up into a little ball on couch- o_o bye bye.

Ty Jer for Shooting Star wheee @_@;

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For the hell of it -_-;; [07 May 2003|05:30pm]
The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to the First Level of Hell - Limbo!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)High
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very High
Level 2 (Lustful)Very Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

A bit inaccurate I think
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[.D.e.p.r.e.s.s.i.o.n.] [29 Apr 2003|06:02pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Depressed. No da. Blah dont feel like explaining z.z;

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