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~Have you ever~
Fallen for your best friend? no
Been rejected? yes
Been in love? mhm..
Used someone? never have, never will
Been used? yes
Cheated on someone? no
Been cheated on? yes
Done something you regret? yes

~Who was the last person~
You talked to on the phone: Miha, Kersela, Forest
You instant messaged? Rinny
Who broke your heart? I don't wanna talk about that...>_>;

~Do you~
Colour your hair? yes
Have tattoos? yes one
Have Piercings? yes
Own a web cam? no
Ever get off the damn computer? no ;P
Habla espanol? ...I'm Asian so no ^^;

~Have you/do you/do you have~
Considered a life of crime? no.
Considered being a hooker? no.
Are you psycho? no.
Split personalities? yes, in a way...>_>
Obsessive? yes X3
Panic? not often
Depressed? mhmm..-sigh- -_-
Suicidal? umm...don't wanna talk about that

If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Canada
What would you be doing? Looking for my Mitch :3
What are you listening to? my sister play the piano. She's so cute ;P
Chicken or fish? FISH! -PurrR, meow- =3

Current Clothes: Dark blue tank top a faded shorts
Current Mood: pretty shitty. There's alot on my mind. I need a huggle & snuzzle. ;_;
Current Music: Mozart's Evening Waltz I think
Current Taste: peppermint cake o_o
Current Hair: down an I let it grow <_>
Current Annoyance: everything....where to begin..osiefsdoghsodgodghdosgoei7409734545hh! -_-;;;
Current Favorite Celebrity: maybe Aya Ueto & BoA

Food: Asian Chicken w/Fried Rice & Wonton Soup
Drink: kiwi fruitopia
Colour: blue
Shoes: light brown sketchers sandals
Movie: Angel Sanctuary
Vegetable: steamed broccoli (it's the truth!)
Fruit: strawberries

~Are you~
Understanding: more than average
Insecure: kinda
Interesting: i guess, i don't know, i think i'm boring
Friendly: very
Smart: no da!
Moody: very
Childish: not really
Independent: sometimes
Emotionally Stable: sometimes my emotions get the best of me...
Shy: only around my friends' friends that i don't really know
Attractive: hell no. I'm fuggly ugly -.-;
Bored Easily: not really
Responsible: very, sometimes careless
Sad: yes, very. I'm crying right now. not alot. more like silent tears...
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